Nightlark (Ceilidh Band)

Nightlark are not "just" a ceilidh band, as they also perform songs and tunes in concert fashion. As a ceilidh band they play traditional Irish and Scottish ceilidh dance music with Rob York (UK) on guitar, Jane South (UK) on flute and accordeon and Patrizia Sieweck on fiddle and as caller, explaining the dances. No previous knowledge of dancing is needed to enjoy an afternoon of ceilidh dancing as NIghtlark will guide the dancers through each step of the dance and at the same time provide groovy live music.

Ceilidh dancing is especially practised in Scotland and Ireland. It is not just dancing though! It  functions as a social event where people have the chance to meet, chat and get to know each other better through enjoyable dances that are easy enough to be picked up by everyone. The main thing at a ceilidh is after all to have a good time together!

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